About Cine Mal Practice


Cine Mal Practice is the new project by Amy Conlon, Kevin Hogan, Greg Pearson, Jeannette Quirk, and Matthew Quirk. It is the umbrella for all of the projects that we want to do in the future. To contact us, e-mail cin3emal3practic3e3@g3mail.c3om (omitting the 3s).

The most fully realized of these is the Awards Show. Cine Mal Practice presents an awards show for movies such as the candy-colored noir “The Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror” or the classic art film “Dinocroc vs. Supergator.”

What has come before?

There have been three showings of the first Cine Mal Practice show in 2019.
It ran at Smith College’s ConBust on Friday, March 29.
It ran in Ann Arbor as a stand-alone show on Saturday, April 13.
It ran at Penguicon on Saturday, May 4.

What is coming next?

Nothing is scheduled for the rest of 2019. If this changes, this website will be the first place the information is updated. Our Facebook group will be the second.