The re-run of Cine Mal Practice 2 Part I (of 3) is happening tonight!

[ URL removed because the show’s over! ]

People will not be let in from the waiting room before 8:30 PM Eastern. The show is expected to run from 9 PM to 11 PM Eastern.

If you voted during the first run, feel free to stop in and watch — but please don’t vote again. We’re still using Zoom Polling, so one vote per connected device.



We will be re-running CMP 2, Part I at 9 PM on Saturday, April 10. Those of you who missed it? Swing on by and give it a look. Those of you who want to watch it again? I’m not going to stop you (your sanity is your business), but we do ask that you not vote again if you voted the first time.

The intent is to do a 9 PM show for Parts II and III as well, but these dates are not yet scheduled.

Zoom link will be posted early on the day of the show, but expect to hang out in the lobby until 8:30 or so.



Here is the link to tonight’s Cine Mal Practice show (CMP 2, Part I):

[link removed because it’s no longer valid]

Please note that the show starts approximately 7 PM Eastern. We won’t start letting people in from the Zoom Waiting Room before 6:30.

As I post this, the meeting hasn’t started yet.

We will be using Zoom Polling, so it’s one vote per device / connection.



Good news! For certain values of “good” and “news.”

The pandemic-delayed CMP 2 show will be making its appearance in 2021. We have broken the show into three pieces, and will be exhibiting them via Zoom. All the fun of in-person CMP, with only half the empty calories (Your Calories May Vary).

CMP 2, Part I to be exhibited Saturday, February 6, at 7 PM.

CMP 2, Part II to be exhibited Saturday, May 1, at 7 PM.

CMP 2, Part III scheduling Yet To Be Determined, but it is expected on a Saturday at 7 PM near the July / August boundary.

Each Part is expected to run more than an hour, but less than two.

Zoom links will be posted early on the days in question, but expect to hang out in the lobby until 6:30 or so.